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Steve's voice is like music to my ears. Mom screaming? Not so much. But what about all these things in between?

Denon Home Soundbar 550

If you miss the movie theaters for their high-quality sound specs, then this one is for you. (Hopefully, by now you still remember...

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Airpods Max Golden Black by Caviar

$108000. Yes, read it again. $108000. Do you want me to repeat the price again? Constructed with 18k yellow gold and crocodile lea...

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TIDAL for Bugatti

When luxury meets quality, when quality meets sound, when music meets V16, your ears will have an orgasm. If you don't have this, ...

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Helm Bolt DAC Amplifier

This tiny DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is one of the most important things for travelers who wanna get the most out of their ...

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Teno lava black

"A new kind of speaker, a new kind of light, a new way of relating to technology" Damn right it is. You can literally crack open t...

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Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the latest true wireless earbuds from Samsung! Packing an exciting feature set including ANC, Ambi...

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Melomania Touch: True Wireless Earphones

The Melomania Touch has up to 50 hours battery life, touch controls, a transparency mode, and a high-performance audio mode that a...

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Naim for Bentley Mu-So Speaker

Music gone Bentley. Here’s a music device so good it doesn’t need hot strippers on its ad! A relentless smile-generating pleasur...

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AirPods Max

Apple has suddenly announced the Apple AirPods Max! The new vintage-style headphones have aluminum ear cups and memory foam ear cu...

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The R2 Mk3: Made for music

Sure it is made for music with this beautiful/vintage/classic look. You can listen to music with this in every way possible; FM, B...

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